March 23

Created another function that uses two lists to give the total output in one chunk. This needs to be updated to include the specific nutrient involved.

March 22

Decided to scrap the check function as it was not repeatedly not working and was not essential to the program. Finally got the program to successfully give reliable output. The main function is now calling two others, but overall still needs to be cleaned up and sophisticated. Possibly add another function which would gather all the data and store it in a list.

March 21

Split the main list into two based off of units of measure. This will make the program easier to run and create.

March 20

After I implemented the two lists I tried to get user input in regards to only the first list. The first attempt of this was successful, but could not incorporate the information of the second list. That problem will be solved another day. Added another list that only has the units of each nutrient. Might have to divide the nutrients into two lists, segregated by their unit of measure. This would make the program simpler. After I got the basic user input needed I tried to introduce a check function to validate the information. My first attempt to insert a check resulted in my code printing my error message in an infinite loop. my second attempt was partially successful as valid input worked within the program, but invalid input stopped the program instead of just giving an error message and another chance to input.

March 19

Began the actual coding, had difficulties deciding how to go about what I want to do. Mostly because there is such a large variety and quantity of information that I want to include.

March 16

Reread the College board guidelines for the create practice to confirm all requirements. Researched the recommended and proper nutrition values for adults. Decided which nutrients to include to make the program more condensed, but still effective and informative. To do this I picked ten different and most common of the different nutrients included on a nutrition label.